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St. Therese Family Newsletter - April 21, 2021


Mama said there'd be days like this (weeks? months? years?) and she also said PRAY. At least my Mama does! We have really been through the wringer all of these months since the pandemic began, and this community continues to amaze me. I appreciate all of your questions via email and phone, and am always happy to explain, support, double-check - anything that will help you and your family to feel better about the decisions we make at St. Therese.

We follow guidance from the Multnomah County Health Authority (MCHA) when we have cases in our community, and they have been very responsive and helpful. It's a much smoother process now than it was in the fall when things were still being figured out. Keep those people in your prayers - the people who help guide organizations and schools to protect their communities. They are medical professionals with a lot of knowledge, dedicating their time and efforts to us, and we are grateful for their service and support.

Unless there are any other issues that arise in the next few days (God forbid), all of our classrooms will be back in person on Monday, April 26th.

Please continue to follow the guidance for quarantining if you travel. If your child plays sports and you leave the state of Oregon to compete, you must quarantine following the guidelines outlined in the document included in the newsletter. We do not consider K-12 travel for sports to be essential, because MCHA has advised that statistically sports teams are most prone to spread. This is especially true when the guidelines outside of our state are different than those in other states. While that might be a relief to some, it is a risk for our community that impacts the entire cohort. We ask that our families stay the course and follow our guidelines and agreements to keep our classrooms in person, and our community safe.

Also, please continue to keep your students at home if ANYONE in your home is feeling sick, or has any of the symptoms outlined in our health check. Please call the office and ask if you aren't sure - we are happy to help!

If you have questions or concerns that you would like to have answered by the professionals at the Multnomah County Health Authority, you may call 503-988-3406 and follow the prompts to select the one for community members with questions.

Take care of yourselves and your families, and as always keep our beloved St. Therese School in your prayers.

God bless you all,

Rosemarie El Youssef

Principal, St. Therese School

503-253-9400 ext. 122

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Track & Field at FMES

If your student is interested in Track & Field, there is room for 4 more students on the FMES (Franciscan Montessori Earth School) team. They are practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays just on their campus, from 5:30-7. Please email George El Youssef, St. Therese Athletic Director, at gelyous@msn.com if you are interested - first come first served, grades 3-8.

Fridays are BACK and better than ever!

We are excited to have kiddos in the building this Friday! Grades 2, 4, and 5 will be present in the church for the first in-person mass of the school year. The rest of our students will be present for mass virtually in their classrooms or at home.

Adding Fridays puts an additional strain on our limited staffing, so please be patient with us! We are grateful for your support.

SchoolStore Fundraising

SchoolStore is a company that specializes in safe, no-contact fundraising. They have helped schools like ours raise more than $150 million dollars.

This safe and easy fundraiser is 100% online so there is no face-to-face selling, collecting money, or delivering products.

If family members are unhappy with the emails and reminders to participate, please let them know that they can scroll to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe from future emails.

Go to https://www.schoolstore.net/sid.t?119532 to learn more about how this program can support our school!

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Updated Case Rates 4/17/2021

Just a month ago, our case rates were fairly low - at least below 100. Now our case rates are 167.9/100,000 in Multnomah County, which is concerning to us. We continue to be safe on campus, and although we have recently seen a few cases, we are not experiencing spread within our school community. This is good news!

The impacts of COVID-19 are hitting a little closer to home now, and we just want everyone to be safe. Please support our efforts by reminding your students to wear their masks properly, wash/sanitize hands, and keep a safe distance from their peers. We encourage you all to continue to practice safety when you are out and about with your family and friends.

Thank you for all that you do to help keep our students and families safe!

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Travel and Quarantine

We require that anyone who travels outside of Oregon for any reason plan for being away from school for 10 days following their return. The new guidance (attached here) included a slight adjustment to 7 days with a negative COVID test and no symptoms.

If you or anyone in your household travels, you won't meet our health requirements and will need to learn from home for 7-10 days following your return. St. Therese staff follows these same safety rules and will likewise quarantine at home following any travel outside of Oregon.

Schools in Multnomah County are advised to consider travel for K-12 sports to be non-essential, regardless of the update from the Oregon Health Authority. This has to do with the case rates tied to sports teams, and the variance of restrictions between states and counties - we can't guarantee that other states will follow the same rules we do in Oregon, and we have a responsibility to keep our community safe.

Please call the office as soon as possible to notify us about any plans for travel that will include your student accessing distance learning for a period of time so that we can inform teachers and make arrangements to get you the necessary learning materials.

We appreciate all that you do to keep our community safe, and our students learning at school with us.

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FACTS Financial Aid and Enrollment

We are almost done! We are currently at 82% of our current families who have COMPLETED their re-enrollment. Please get this done as soon as possible, because your tuition plans can NOT be set up until enrollment is complete. This is all thanks to our new online system!

Please call the school and we are more than happy to help you get started or troubleshoot!

Now enrolling preschool and pre-kindergarten!

Please go to factsmgmt.com and register your preschool or pre-kindergarten student for the 2021-2022 school year! Our program is in the process of licensure, and we will be open this fall. Preschool students must be 3 years old and potty trained by September 1st, and pre-kindergarten students must be 4 years old.

If you have any questions, please give us a call! You can find information about tuition for our programs on our website, https://www.stthereseschool.org/little-flower-preschool - we look forward to a full group this fall!

Enrollment Opportunities

If you know a family interested in Catholic school, or just not satisfied with their current school options, please refer them to us! We are happy to share about our school and schedule tours so that we can grow our enrollment.

We have so much to offer children and their families - please help us get the word out!

St. Vincent de Paul - UPDATES

QUILT RAFFLE. St Therese St Vincent de Paul is raffling a quilt. It is queen size and multi-colored. You can purchase tickets after the weekend masses or call Shasta Hatter at 503-253-7566. The drawing is June 9th. Thank you for your support.

Volunteer opportunity: St Vincent de Paul is in need of delivery drivers. We need substitute drivers for Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Drivers on a rotating basis are needed for Saturday morning. Usual start time is around 9 am and shifts are 1 1//2 to 2 hours. Training provided. Must be able to carry 25 pound boxes up stairs. Please call Shasta Hatter at 503-253-7566 for more information or to volunteer.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact Shasta Hatter at the SVdP office 503-253-7566.

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BottleDrop Thursdays

We are so grateful for your generosity! With your donations we purchased a Distance Learning T-shirt for each student and staff member to wear on Fridays, prizes for spirit week, and the pumpkins for our St. Therese Pumpkin Patch. We recently purchased an eagle mascot costume and our new mascot will soon be visiting classrooms to learn what it means to be a St. Therese Eagle!

The school budget is tight this year, but there are some things that we believe students shouldn't go without - your can and bottle donations make this happen!

Parents' Club Corner

Here is the Parents' Club schedule of meetings for the rest of the school year. We will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6-7pm via Zoom.

Our next meeting is TONIGHT at 6 p.m!

The Zoom link for tonight's meeting was sent this morning!

Final Meeting:


Proposed Agenda for 4/21:

  • Plant sale update
  • Teacher appreciation week
  • Jog a thon
  • Schoolstore.net
  • Amazon Smile
  • PC open positions for next year (vote at the May meeting)

Please contact Melanie Reyna at 503-467-1805 or via email at melanie.reyna@usbank.com with any questions.

Parent Obligations for the Year - Fair Share and Fundraising

We know that this is a difficult time, so we worked with Parents' Club to make it simple.

If we all work together, we can make this happen!

Rather than having MANY events with specific obligations, we have one financial obligation for each family.

Dual-parent household - $500 (fundraised or donated)

Single-parent household - $300 (fundraised or donated)

This replaces the auction basket obligation, auction project obligation, jog-a-thon, and raffle.

If we make our goal of $36,000 and everyone pitches in, there is no reason to bill people for what they aren't able to fundraise.

Our goal is to have one BIG fundraiser in the spring - if we can generate enough money to fulfill our obligation to the school our tuition won't go up. Jog-a-thon seems doable with the changing of the metrics and there are MANY ways we can get creative to make it happen.

The key to making this happen is ALL of us working together!

You are not expected to figure out how to fundraise on your own - but come to Parents' Club meetings and share your ideas. We are always better together! Our next PC meeting on January 20th will be focused on brainstorming ideas for fundraisers.

School Office Hours 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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