The Peregrine Falcon

By Cole

What are peregrine falcons?

Peregrine falcons are birds in the raptor family. Like all raptors, they have curved beaks, eyes on the side of their heads and razor-sharp talons that they use for hunting.

Where do they live?

Since they are mammals, they live on every continent except Antarctica. The two main benefits for survival are a good amount of food and a warm climate.

How do they hunt?

Their most effective move is called a swoop. This is when it dives at its prey. When it does this, its top speed is 360 Mph. This is faster than the average NASCAR race car! It can also knock a bird out in mid-air!

What do they eat?

Peregrine falcons prefer small birds like robins, but falcons in Brazil will eat toucans!

Vertebrates or invertebrates?

Since the falcons are birds, they are egg-laying, warm-blooded vertebrates (or animal with a backbone).