Why did I survive?


page of ID sheet

This is a page of an original document from the archives of the National Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau which lists the name of Solomon Radasky. It concerns a transfer of prisoners from Auschwitz to Dachau. Solomon Radasky (Slama Radosinski) had Auschwitz No. 128232 and is the 1043rd person on the list. His profession is listed as Schneider (Tailor). Page 1 of this document can be viewed in the Photo Gallery


Eva Galler's aunt Helen moved to Israel and married uncle Joseph. The children in the Galler's household sent greetings to the betrothed, and this letter was recovered after the war. Yiddish is written in Hebrew characters and reads from right to left: From me, Pinchas Vogel. Dear Helen, What is going on? Are you healthy? Regards, Berele. I would fly to your wedding. I will send you a photo. Regards to you and your husband, Malka. I had a very good report card. I am doing well in school. Malka. The drawing of the man and woman is by Devorah.

my own thoughts

When I think of the Holocaust I wonder what must have been going through Adolf Hitler's mind, What would make him want to kill 6million people? Why would he do such horrific things to these people like put them in a concentration camp, an torture them and kill them in such ways that are disturbing to think about and what drove him to do these things.

There are many theory's to why he did these things, but I don't think we will ever truly know what drove him to do these things.