Harli Henderson, Alyssa Hoppie, Will Kelly, Drew Kirk

History of the Protests

When did the protests begin?

The protests began in 2011

What are/were people protesting?

They want to pass a new constitution.

How did the government respond?

They made a law that the government needs to be notified of all gatherings of 10 people of more. It also has increased in military.

What has been the result?

People have just been fighting more against the government.
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What is happening now?

Bombing, a group of protestors gunned down a senior Interior Ministry official, and shot down a military helicopter.

Who is in charge of the government?

A president runs the government. The president is Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.
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Will there be elections? If so, when?

Yes there will be elections held in the early summer of 2014.

What key challenges does the country face today?

Unemployment, crime, rolling blackouts, and sexual violence against women.

The international community

International organizations and countries

Countries in the Middle East have been involved in the revolution in 2011. Some countries helped the president of Egypt to try to maintain his country. Other countries were providing places for stay for the Egyptians trying to flee the country.

Position of the United States

The US have very little military aid to the Egyptians during the riots going on there.

Would You Call it a Revolution?

How would you characterize it?

In Egypt the taste for revolution has died down since they overthrew their leader. Armed resistance is not taking place in Egypt. A new president that the people appreciate is President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak. Their is more of a terrorists group then a resistance called the Muslim Brotherhood. They are creating criminal acts against the Egyptian politicians.