The Shattering

Prelude To The Cataclysm

The Shattering ( Summer reading)

In the book, The Shattering, the Shamans, protecters of the nature elements fire,earth & water,sense a threat from tidal waves, storms, massive quakes, fires, and more. So they warn the two warring the factions: The alliance and horde. Everyone prepares for “The Shattering” that the Shamans predicted but it all turns out to be for nothing as mere days after the prediction, the earth dragon Death-Wing pops out of the earth and starts burning the world but due to the shaman’s warnings everyone was prepared and defeated the dragon and stopped the cataclysm. A few good themes for this could be: Nice planning can lead to success or Good thinking can be very important. Also working together even with enemies can help solve a bigger problem.I think the first theme works because its true, nice planning can be very helpful and after the shamans warned the people they had to plan quickly but still make it reliable. I think the second & third themes are very close to the first one but also speak for themselves, being that the orcs and humans had just finished warring with each other so they were bled dry and had to work together & think fast.

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Deathwing was the main antagonist of the shattering even though he never actually appeared in the book. he was only Implied and sometimes talked about. He symbolizes the destruction in the book, being the one who started it
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Symbol of the horde

I chose this symbol because it is the crest of the horde. The horde was a faction in the THE SHATTERING. The faction represents most of the good in the story.