Digital Coaches' Corner

Issue 4 10/1/15

Spotlight on three classrooms this week:

Mrs. Terri Taake's 5th grade class

Terri Taake's class recently worked on studying the regions of the United States. Students studied latitude and longitude lines of cities, climates and interesting facts on their regions. Once the information was gathered, students created a flag representing their region and a point of interest using an app called Quiver. These flags were added to their google slides presentations that were presented to the rest of the class. The students loved using augmented reality to bring their flags to life. Check out their flags...

Once you open the flags page, click on the image to see it in action.

Big image
Big image

Mrs. Rowling's Third grade class with help from Mrs. Brady's first hour 6th grade class.

Mrs. Rowling's and Mrs. Brady's students participated in a Google Hangout together. They did this to prepare for a Mystery Hangout that Mrs. Rowling's students participated in the next day. The Mystery Hangout was with a 3rd grade teacher in central Wisconsin. Mrs. Rowling's students significantly improved their map skills after these two Hangouts. The most impressive improvement was in their questioning techniques. The questions just kept getting more precise. Mrs. Brady's students told her they loved the activity and provided suggestions to improve it next time. It was great to see the engagement and excitement these students displayed. Thanks for taking the risk to challenge your students Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Rowling.

What is a Mystery Hangout- It is a video chat with a classroom somewhere in the world. (Shelly and I are working on connections and we would love to help your students participate in a Mystery Hangout.)

The two classes meet on the video chat and ask each other yes/no questions about the other class location. It has components of 20 questions and battleship combined. This can be done at all age levels K-12. We will pair you up with a classroom at your age level.