Stella & Dot by Karon

Monthly (maybe) Newsletter for November, 2013

Hello Gorgeous!!!

It's been about a month and I want to THANK ALL OF YOU who have been supportive in my NEW and VERY "part-time" venture! For several reasons, it has taken me about 1-1/2 years to make the transition from S&D Client to S&D Stylist.

See, I'm OBSESSED and IN LOVE with Stella & Dot products and this is the reason why I'm now selling it. Not all of you will love it as much as I do but, I'm OK with that. We all need to have our own thing to love. What I am hoping is that you'll allow me to share Stella & Dot with you via this "somewhat" monthly newsletter. In return, I would totally love it, if you would share that thing you love with me too! Deal?

So, when you need a gift for a friend/family member, a fabulous statement piece or just some everyday wear jewelry...give me a "shout" and I'll introduce you to "Stella & Dot". Here is the link to my personal website --

Read below to see all the happenings for November, 2013. The holiday's will soon be here - take advantage of all these SUPER deals for shopping, hosting or coming on as a new stylist.

to see all sale items, click here


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what will november bring for NEW stylist's?

are you 'in love' or 'obsessed" with s&d?

are you looking to earn extra money or a six-figure salary?

are you wanting something that is fun, fabulous and on your own terms?

there is no other time to become a stylist than NOVEMBER --


UNSUBSCRIBE? no, don't say it's so!

OK, in all seriousness. As much as I want you to love this newsletter, love stella & dot and want to hear hear from sweet, lovable me regularly. I know it's not for everyone. So, I understand if you really don't want to receive these somewhat monthly/quarterly/etc newsletters.

If that is the case, just send me an email or text me and I'll remove you from the distribution list. It's no problem at all! You know where to find me if you need me. :-) Thanks!