Streaming Video Collection

New Curriculum Offering from the McClain Library

Classroom Videos On Demand -- From Facts on File!

  • Over 10,000 streaming videos available for you to use in your classroom
  • Setting up an account is easy (Username: SGIS, Password: Gryphon)
  • Videos are organized by "Topical Collections" AND searchable by keyword
  • Access through the "FACTS ON FILE" link on the McClain Library Website
  • Also search and access titles through the McClain Library Catalog
  • Create Playlists and add videos to your Favorites for use in the Classroom
  • Great for incorporating into your Flipped Classroom Materials

Great Variety of Videos Represented!

  • Professional Productions from BBC, National Geographic, History Channel, CNBC, ABC News, & others
  • All subject areas included: Science, History, English, Guidance, Health, Mathematics
  • Archival Films and News Reels as well as Current Events
  • Watch the whole video or individual segments

McClain Library

Please feel free to come talk with Leah Allison or Hillery Efkeman for more information!