Cuthbertson High School

Peer Tutors for Spring, 2014

What is Peer Tutoring?

Peer tutoring is designed to involve students in maintaining a positive climate in schools. Students are selected for the program on the basis of leadership and helping ability. Students who demonstrate effective helping skills in the classroom may apply to serve as a peer tutor based on teacher evaluation and recommendation.

Job Responsibilities of a Peer Tutor

Peer tutors must remain in the teacher’s classroom throughout the instructional period working with individuals or small groups of students. Peer tutors must be willing to work with students of different cultural backgrounds and learning abilities, have good communication skills, have a high level of patience and a sincere desire to help others, maintain the confidentiality of all individual and group tutees, and help students to recognize and maximize their best learning style. Peer tutors will help explain, clarify classroom/lab and textbook information, demonstrate with sample problems and examples, guide and coach students through the work but not do the work for them, and help students to develop good study skills, time-management skills, memorization techniques, and test-taking strategies.

Who Can Apply?

  • Only juniors and seniors may apply to be a peer tutor.

  • Peer tutoring must be in a subject previously passed with a semester grade of a 93 or higher.

  • Peer Tutors must have an acceptable discipline record.

  • Students may serve as a peer tutor only one block a semester for a maximum of four (4) times.

How to Apply

  • Beginning Tuesday, January 14, pick up the peer tutor application from the teacher whom you would like to peer tutor for. Because teachers can only have one peer tutor per period they teach, teachers are only given three applications to distribute.

  • Please return the completed application to Mrs. McAleer in Guidance by 3:15 on Friday, January 24.

  • Guidance will then verify a student has a 93 average or higher in the course.

  • Administration will verify the student has an acceptable discipline history.

  • Guidance will notify students by January 30 if they have been accepted as a peer tutor.