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The Annual Spelling Bee

Each and every year, pupils of Truman compete for the honor of being the school spelling bee champion.

To qualify for the all school Spelling Bee, students first participate in a class spelling bee. The class winners then go to the all-school competition, usually held in January, and face off. The champion will move on to the regional spelling bee, which is at McKendree University, in February 2016.

Coding at Lunchtime

Are you interested in coding? Now, you can go to the library during lunch on Wednesdays and get absolutely FREE video lessons on JavaScript and HTML. There's the beginner introduction for newbies, and there's also an advanced one for those old-timers. Aside that, you can learn how to design cool apps that you can actually use! We welcome all of your friends, and remember to bring your lunch!
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March Jokes

Why do people wear shamrocks on Saint Patrick's Day?
(Real rocks are too heavy!)

When is an Irish potato not an Irish potato?

(When it's a French fry!)

A: Knock, knock!

B: Who's there?

A: Irish!

B: Irish who?

A: "Irish" you a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Truman Orchestras

What to include in this:

Name: We call it Festival, but the formal name is...

Wore Red bow ties and cummerbunds

Where: LHS

Time: Morning

Judges: One was a retired Lindbergh orchestra teacher

Rating: all 1's, 6th got one 1-

Each orchestra played three songs.

cool websites that you can visit


is a website for all you artist that love to make things splatter paint on a screen and make beautiful art


Draw a stickman

make your own buddy and take him/her on an amazing adventure



a fun website you can create your own music and beat boxing music



speedread your way through your books using this website


awkward family photos

you think your family photos are weird look at these


We chose the moon

a simulation of going to SSSSSPPPPPPPAAAAACCCEEEE


Map Testing

Good luck all of you on the map test !!!

read everything carefully

if you don't know the answer guess

highlight directions

number out the answers you know are not correct

Good luck!!!

Crepe truck !!

The crepe truck is coming to Truman !

Thursday , may 19th.

So get your money ready to turn in to

Mademoiselle Hausman by Monday , may 12(B day).

each crepe is $4.00

Water nor drinks will be provided so bring you own.

The choices are down below

Get your tacos here !

get your taco on when the cha cha chow food truck

Tuesday, may 24th

bring $10 for two tacos with a drink !

the choices are down below

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End of school jokes !

the end of school is almost near

don't lose hope here is some

jokes to keep your spirits high

Why did the student drown?

All her grades were below C-level!

What did the glue say to the teacher?
"I'm stuck on you."

What did the bully have for lunch?

He had a knuckle sandwich!

What is a snake's favourite subject?

Why did Goofy take a ladder to school?
Because he wanted to get to high school


What flies around the kindergarten room at night?
The alpha-BAT.

Why did the students study in the aeroplane?
Because they wanted higher grades.

When is a blue school book not a blue school book?
When it is read!

Why is 2+2=5 like your left foot?

It's not right.

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