Contributions to American History

Blake Harvill

Gordon Barker- Co Founder of Starbucks

Bowker was a co founder and had a positive impact on the American way of life. Thanks to Bowker's work, people have a reliable place to go for all their coffee needs. Bowker helped provide and help stimulate the growth and idea of a drive thru coffee house. Although the first Starbucks Brewery was not a drive thru they quickly became an implemation to the Franchise. Starbucks provides a quick coffee on-the-go spot to drive by, not only is it made for speed you can also go in to starbucks for a relaxed enviornment to study, hangout, or just Talk with someone over coffee.

Sir Joseph Whitworth

Whithworth was credited with inventing the first Long Range precision gun known or sniper rifle known as "The Whitwirth Rifle." A small adjustment sets this gun apart from other guns of its time, the Whithworth RIfle had a spiral carved chamber which sent the bullet spinning and meant that it pierced the air cleaner for a more straight shot due to lower wind deterrence. The Whitworth Rife was capable of hitting a target of up to 2,000 meters away, The predecessor in the rifle category, The Enfield, was claimed to have only remained accurate at a range of 1,200 meters or less. Whithworths idea of spinning for air penetration is still prevalant today in guns, it can also be observed in american football, The Quarterback is supposed to throw the ball at a spiral to add more precision to the throw.

John Stith Pemberton

Pemberton is responsible for the invention of the widely consumed soft drink Coca-Cola. Pemberton was hevaily involved in Medicine, More so, Medicinal Chemistry. Pemberton initially Crafted the drink with the drug of Cocaine, Cocaine induces an increase in the chemical of dopamine in the braine which makes you hyper-active and supresses headaches. The reason behind that is that Coca-Cola was intially invented as a headache Supressor, when Americans started to worry about cocaine issues it was removed from the drink and became the soft drink beverage we know today that is Coca Cola.