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Mutual Friends: A Church Family Spotlight

This feature, “Mutual Friends” will be devoted to our Church Family. There are many families that are a part of our community at Hollowell and we want to take the time to ensure that you can assign names to faces, while learning something new!

This is the Thompson family: Matt, Carrie, Grant, Owen, and Liam.

Matt and Carrie grew up attending Fairview Avenue BIC, where their romance blossomed. The word is that after quite a lot of flirting across the aisle, Carrie eventually strongly hinted that Matt ought to ask her out and he was happy to oblige.

After some time in Virginia, where Grant was born, the Thompsons returned to the area and attended Paramount BIC before joining the Hollowell family about a year-and-a-half ago.

The Thompsons are a very active family who love to have fun. Whether they are going to the beach, playing sports, or eating people under the table over bowls of chocolate ice-cream they love to be together. They also love the connections that they have made here at Hollowell; so be sure to catch them at the church campout, over the coffee break, or when they bring Chunk Norris 2.0 to our next Punkin’ Chunkin’ night. Carrie could provide you with that vital bit of information on how to improve your backstroke, as she is a swim instructor at the YMCA. Or maybe the open road with wind in your hair is more your speed? Connect with Matt who loves to ride his motorcycle.