Graphic Designer

By Logan Beil

Graphic Designing

My presentation is on Graphic designing. Graphic designing is where you create unique and interesting art. Your art has to be original and appealing.

How much does this job pay?

*44,150 per year

*21.22 per hour

*You have to have a Bachelor's degree in order to get this job

*Number of jobs: 259,500

Would I enjoy it?

*Yes I would enjoy it

*I am artistic and I like to draw

*Graphic design means to draw on computer or paper

*I'm not sure I would draw on a computer I would probably draw on paper

Where are the companies located?

Graphic design jobs are mainly online



*Authentic jobs

* AIGH Design jobs



and there are many more available.

What is fun about it?

*You get to design things

*You kinda get to do your own thing

*You don't need to be distracted by other people

*You share your designs with the people your working for

*The things you design are in your style

And that is my presentation. I hope you learned something new.