By: Akeela


A group of line forming the basic recurring metrical unit in a poem; a verse (stan-za)


Roses are red

Violets are blue

There's no sports ~ Stanza

Left for me but you

The sky is blue

The clouds are white
When I look at you
I see you zooming through

-Akeela Shazaman

I love to write

Day and Night

What would my heart do

But cry, sigh and be blue

Writing feels good

Who could have knew

And I know it should
Who could have knew ~Satnza
When I look at you
That's what I do
Is write, write, write

- Unknown Authour

Noun, Adjective, verb ect

It is a noun. Stanzas (plural of stanza)


Division, Stave and Strophe