By: Emma Freeman, Taylor Bond, and Miley Shin


The cause of the Holocaust was Hitler. When Hitler came into power, he made everyone believe that Jews were lesser people. Since he hated the Jews, he sent many to concentration camps and killed millions.

Immediate affects

The Jews were taken to concentration and death camps without luxuries and were forced to live in the ghetto with little or no food. Then, they were forced to work long hours in the camps, and about 6 million Jews died.

Lasting Effects

“Like an atom bomb that disperses its radioactive fallout in distant places, often a long time after the actual explosion, the Holocaust continues to contaminate everyone who was exposed to it in one way or another.” This is one example of a lasting effect of the holocaust. The holocaust destroyed society as the world knew it. Because of all the disaster it caused, the world will never be same. Especially in Germeny.