Great Horned Owl

Bubo virginianus


Found from North to South America and live in a variety of different areas such as woodlands and grasslands.

Physical Description

The Great Horned Owl has distinctive ear like feather tusks on their head to help them blend in with their enviorment. They are white under their neck, and black brown and white on their under belly. Their back is the darkest shade of their body compared to the rest and their eyes can vary in different shades of yellow.


The Great Horned Owl is very solitary unless it is mating season. They have established territories which they will fight over. There are some Great Horned Owls that float from home ranges of other Great Horned Owls.


There sense of hearing is very good, they can hear a mouse moving from 25 yards away. Also their eyes are so large they have to move they necks around to see, The Great Horned Owl can turn its head in 270 degrees.