A website where you can put all you photos into a slideshow


At this website you can upload a bunch of pictures from your computer, social media sites or Google and you can put them into a slideshow in the order of you choice. Then you can add different effects to some of your pictures. You can change which way they are rotated too. The you can either auto create it or you can design it all on your own!


Auto Create Or Designing on Your Own

If you auto create it the site will create your slideshow using the pictures you have chosen for it to use. You can't do anything to it besides what the computer wants. If you design it on your own, which is what I did you can choose how you want the layout of your slideshow and how you want your pictures to be seen. You can choose which design you want and a lot more. For a quick easy slideshow I would go with the auto create, but for anything else I would go with designing it on your own.