Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd grade Newsletter

April 20, 2015

Week 30 and 31

Sorry for the delay. This week's newsletter will be combined with last weeks. Our year is winding down and this is the week that students will show all that they have learned this year in both reading and math on our STAAR tests. Tuesday and Wednesday our 3rd and 4th grade students will be STAAR testing. We will not allow any visitors in the building on those two days. The STAAR test is a state given test and the scores will be used to show growth in each student each year.

As a class, we have discussed and practiced our strategies for choosing answers that make since, are proven with evidence from the story, and using what we know about words to draw conclusions based on word knowledge and logical thinking. Please talk with your child one last time about the importance of doing their very best and taking their time to use the knowledge they have to do their very best the next two days. They will have 4 hours to complete each test, each day. They have worked so hard and have gone the extra mile to do their very best to practice this year. I cant tell you how proud it makes me to see their growth this year!

Students may bring an extra healthy snack and water on test days. They will be given one package of gold fish and one bottle of water. Other types of suggested snacks would be peanut butter crackers, pretzels, granola bars, and apple slices. One last thing to remember is to make sure that your child gets to bed early and has a healthy breakfast both days. Thanks so much for your help.

Up Coming Events @ Dodd

Tuesday, April 21: Math STAAR testing

* Dodd Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

Wednesday, April 22: Reading STAAR testing

Saturday, April 25- Dodd PTA Garage Sale 7:00-12:00

Message from our Class Room Mom

Parents of Mrs. Reynolds class,

We are going to have a belated celebration for Mrs. Reynolds' birthday the week of April 20th - April 24th. Her birthday was during the Christmas Holidays which I am sure most of us missed. Please feel free to surround her with our love by send her birthday cards, presents, snacks, sweet notes from your child, lunch, dessert or any gesture you can think of. We want her to know we really appreciate her dedication to our sweet kids and we are thinking about her.

Thank you,

Dena Allen


Last week students read an expository story called 'Animal Homes'. We worked with the following words in vocabulary: architects, structures, contain, retreats, shallow, and shelter. Our focus skills were analyze text structure, homophones, context clues, and description. Students will look more at the differences this Thursday. Wednesday will be the reading STAAR test, so students will have a break this week on our regular reading skills.

Social Studies

Students have had some time to look up information on their person they are researching for their biography projects. The due date is April 30th. Please check your child's planner to make sure they know who they are working on, what is expected and any more information you might need. This is a grade, so please help your child to see that all the information is gathered for the project.


Last week students worked on review words that were already covered the last 3 weeks. This week we will not have spelling homework, but work with words in class on Thursday. Will will not have CUPS practice this week either.