Election of 1800

Adams VS. Jefferson

Why Adams is the choice and not Jefferson

YES Adams

1. Because he believes that the rich and education should rule.

2. Also supported England.

3.Is giving us a strong military.

NO Jefferson

1. First of all he thinks common people should rule

2. second he suppurts france

3. and 3rd he feared increasing military strength.

reason whyAdams Believes in the's three things.

1. Because rich people know had to handdle money and got in to great school so they are really smart.

2. He supported England even know we fought them. But because england is are biggest trade partner.

3. because france and us are not good any more and if we go in to war france is not going to fight with us.

Why Adams don't believes in what jefferson believes in.

1. if comman people rule us we would be living a really bad life because comman people dont know how to use money right nor did they get to go to a good school.

2. the reason why were not good with france is because france attacked are ships and sent spys on us and wanted us to pay them so much money and even more for somthing eles.

3. ok jefferson thinks that a strong millitary will oppres the people but are millitary is not.

So thats why i pick john adams and not Jefferson.

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