My Mother's Eyes

Book Review

The Beginning

William plays with his mates when he is young. As he grows older, a war starts and many of his mates leave to join the army. William stays with his mother to help her look after his sister but on the day of his sixteenth birthday he leaves and joins the army also.


He trains for months and soon sails for Egypt.Then the battalion lands at Armentieres, France. There, many soldiers were killed.


William's battalion sailed for Egypt, Gallipoli, France and Europe. They landed at Gallipoli and fought in a ferocious battle. Together they huddled in trenches and kept each other warm on cold days. Then, suddenly they were bombed and william was killed. His grandfather received a letter from him just before the great tragedy. They lived and they breathed and they now lie in Flanders Field.

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What I liked best about William was how he respected his parents and helped his mother look after his sister.


In World War 1, many teenage boys lied about their age to join the army. They thought it was brave to volunteer to fight and they often thought that fighting a duty. Men who did not want to fight were called cowards by those who chose to fight.


I give this book a rating of 4 out of 5. I thought it was interesting learning a bit about world war 1 and also enjoying the fiction part of the book. However, it had some sad bits in it.

World War I Summary