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What is Google Classroom?

You may have noticed that your child has been using Google Classroom more and more for classwork and announcements. But do you know what Classroom is? AoP Tech here to help you be in the know about this fantastic tool!

In Google Classroom, teachers are able to assign work to the students digitally, without paper. Your child can complete these questions and assignments from school or home. Google Classroom is a platform agnostic tool, which means it can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. They can submit it to their teachers online, and teachers can pass it back to their students with comments, edits, suggestions, and/or grades. Teachers can also put up reminders for the students of upcoming events or projects.

Each teacher can customize their Google Classroom experience to the wants and needs of their classes, so be sure to check with your child's teacher for their individual policies and procedures.

Use Your Phone Less!

From screen limits to break reminders to Do Not Disturb, OS and app settings may help us break unhealthy digital habits and tune into what's really important. Check out this article from Common Sense Media for great tips by clicking the link below!

Looking for more tips and tricks for parenting in the digital age? Common Sense Media is a fantastic resource for parents. Check out their website for app, movie, TV, and book reviews, too!

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