Learning in 6th Form

7-11th January 2013 Week 1

What's been happening in 6th form?

On our first week back after the Christmas break, we have been SO busy! We want to share what we have been learning and doing each week and this is how we plan to do it. If you have any comments or feedback for us, we would be very happy. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

PSE: Healthy Lifestyles

The effects of exercise on the heart and lungs.

We wanted to investigate how doing exercise affects your heart and your lungs so we went to the hall, ran races and played several games of Bulldog. We had a lot of fun and also learned that, when you exercise, your heart beats faster and stronger and your lungs breathe faster and deeper.

We went back to class to discuss why this is important for your body and have begun to look at what happens when you exercise regularly over a period of time. We will be completing our work on this over the next week to answer the following question: "What benefits does regular exercise have for the heart and lungs?"

Do you know how to answer this question?

Did you notice that Ross and Tommy were running so fast that they had become blurry?