Project 1

Health Literacy


In order to complete your project on Health Literacy, you will need to use the information you learned in Modules 1-5. You will use your notes from the lessons as a springboard for creating your first 21st Century project, an infomercial.

An infomercial is a short television program in which a person gives information about a topic of importance to the community. The word is formed from "information" and "commercial." For this project we are going to stretch the meaning of infomercial beyond the short television program. We are going to include a variety of presentation formats including Web 2.0 applications that can be used to share information. The main idea is to inform the community!


Create an infomercial based on answering the following questions concerning stress.

Look at the specific symptoms of stress in detail in the chart found in the Lesson Two Notes of this module. They may be symptoms from which you, one of your family members or a friend suffers.

  1. What are the types of situations that might cause stress in your life? (What types of situations would cause a young adult to engage in the behavioral symptom of drinking alcohol or abusing over the counter prescription medicines, for example?)
  2. What are some ways that your body might respond to stressful situations?
  3. Pick a specific symptom. How might a young adult's body ultimately react to engaging in this symptom / behavior if it is done over a long period of time?
  4. What might be some of the consequences of a young adult engaging in this symptom / behavior to relieve stress? Providing some data / statistics would enhance your presentation. Make sure you cite your source(s).
  5. What are some specific ways to prevent stress from impacting a young adult's life negatively?

Some of the ways to complete this project:

A Video

(please convert to Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Flash)

A Podcast


Record a Song


Write a poem or a skit

Use a Word Document

Add graphics, recodings and/or video to enhance your presentation

Create an artistic impression

Poster Sites

Scrapbook sites: