Our Field Trip by: Omair

We went to the Pavec, and Bakken museum

We Went To The Bakken Meuseum

We went to the Pavec, and the Bakken museum. 1st we went to the Bakken museum. We learned about the history if magnets. WE also did an experiment in a class when we had a magnet, and we got it close to a TV screen, and the TV screen changed its color a little, and when we got it to touch the TV screen at 1st the TV turned green, and red. When we got to the last magnet we got it close, and already it got red, and green, and when we toyched it.........................the whole TV screen got perfect swirls of bright green, red, and blue! That was the trip to the Bakken museum.

We Also Went To The Pavec Museum

We also went to the Pavec museum, and I thought it was the best. 1st we had lunch, and I had a burrito. 2nd we went to a room, and the 1st thing we had to do was hold hands in a circle. When we were, the tourist moved a circle with a handle, and when 1 of the people in the circle touched a battery that was attached to the circle, and suddenly everybody got shocked on the part near your hand but on the arm. After that we went to a radio station where people go to make there own radio stuff, and they go on air. WE did the same with songs, commercials, and even breaking news that was absolutely

funny because the person who was saying the breaking news the breaking news was something totally fiction, and it was about something they really liked. After that while we were waiting for our turn we went to to do a game show that was on TV. I went in 2nd place but only because I was not in the green one, and whoever was in the green one won for some reason. But Ethan one of my friends won when he was in the red one, and the person in the blue one came in last place.

Here are links to both Pavec, and Bakken Museums