German Immigration to Texas


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For German immigrants, their push/pull factors were identified by the 'America Letters'. These letters were sent from people, that currently lived in the United States, to family members back in the home country. One such person, Johann Friedrich Ernst, sent letters describing Texas with fertile land, winterless climate, and an overall 'earthly paradise' that was suitable for anyone. People remaining in Germany saw this as an opportunity because the country was suffering from overcrowding. And, many families wanted the opportunity to join other family members and establish a new life. The German population is one of the largest migrations in Texas history. Many of the immigrants settled in South Central Texas and this span of area was known as the 'German Belt', which is now Austin County. Evne though their cultural influences are not as present in current-day Texas, the influence of the culture continues to be present in some areas.


  • Neujahr (New Year's Day)
  • Muttertag (Mother's Day)
  • Vatertag (Father's Day)

Some Common Foods of this Ethnic Group