6Flags Festa Texas

Alisin blackwell

6Flags Festa Texas :)

6flags has fun,rides,and lots of peple.The rides are for you to scream and have lots of fun. when ever your hungry they have food stands for when ever your hungry are ready for a snack.Theres alot of people there were you can make more friends and they will ride with you.


When you just get payed you can go to 6flags so you can spind time with family and friends.the only reson people go to 6flags is because they wont to get away from school and home.Instead of sitting at home waching T.V. and playing video games you can go to 6flags.

There might be other places but i pick 6flags because you dont have to pay for every ride you get on for free. All rollercosters have a rule like you have to be this tall to ride and no camras aloud on the rollercosters.