By Annabelle, Charde, Maddie

Stop Killing Trees!!!!

  • When you kill trees, you're killing yourself because trees produce oxygen.

  • It might even become desert like.
  • With less plants around to absorb the gas, it floats up and contributes

Help Us Save The Forest!!!

Another land

laid to waste

species die in front

our face

forest fall

lets save the forest

before it

ends for all

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We're hurting not just the trees, but everyone else around them...

Here are three things that deforestation has caused for the following...

  1. Animals-Endangerment, Extinction, Lost of habitat
  2. Humans-Disease Outbreak,Population Growth & Expansion
  3. Environment-Desertification, Atmospheric Changing, The Dusk Bowl,Soil Erosion

Do you LOVE animals?

If you love animals, Than I think SHOULD listen up!

  • There are over 14 marine animals being affected by this behavior...
  • There are over 5 Primate animals being affected by this behavior...
  • There are 4 Big Cats being affected by this behavior...
In that case, this means that these beautiful creatures are getting killed, endangered, and surely extinct one by one.


To help us win the fight to get rid of deforestation, please help us by,

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