Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Zavernik's Class News

Time To Relax!

Whew! This week has been one crazy week in 4th grade! I hope that you enjoy your Christmas with those dear to you all! I am excited to enjoy time with Brett, Brynn & Brayleigh, but I will most definitely miss my 23 other kiddos! Please keep your student reading over break and don't forget about dedicating some time to "Scootpad" as well! They all have learning paths on Scootpad to go at their own pace, and I do check is frequently! Some are cruising, while others need to start taking some time.

We had so much fun with the 12 days of Christmas this year! I hope your child was excited to share what each surprise was!

I hope you wrap up 2013 feeling relaxed, loved & accomplished and that you ring in 2014 rejuvinated and enthusiastic about what the new year will bring!

Thank you as always for your continued support in your child's learning! Your student will have the most success because we're a team!

Merry Christmas!

--Mrs. Z

We've Been Busy Little Elves This Week!

Math Focus: Writing equations with variables, using comparison bars to solve "times as many" word problems, and using situation/solution equations to solve problems.

Algebra on Splash Math would be a helpful practice resource over break!

Science Focus: Wrapped up electricity! Moving on To S.S.

Writing Focus: Using sentence structure/writing strategies automatically while writing. Creating a piece from start to finish being focused and on task. (Idea formation/paragraph structure) We also spent time discussing the importance of editing our own writing and being able to catch our errors.

Daily 5: Most students are finished (or finishing over break) with their book clubs. Please encourage your child to read his/her good fit book over break! You can have them keep a journal of what they're reading or just have them use sticky notes in their metacognition flip book to track their thinking.

Running Records will be coming up quickly as we dive into the new year, so any additional decoding, reading assistance you can give outside of school will help your student as they become better readers!

WtW: Sort Test Today!

Today we finished our class read aloud Stolen Children -- The class has been SO engaged in this story and for some it has revived their love for reading. If you don't already read to your student at night, it might be fun to find a chapter book that you could work your way to as a family. They were on the edge of their seats every day! (Of course, I conveniently stopped reading each day at a great cliff hanger to keep them WANTING more!) :) -

S.S. We're starting our Native American Unit in January.

Click here for the TimberTail TV Christmas Webcast!

Mrs. Megan Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary