Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

November 9th-13th

What a week!

Wow, wow , wow!!! We are so proud to announce that we donated 381 pounds of candy for the Troops!!!!

Thanks for all of the donations!!! It is a wonderful way to thank our Servicemen and Women!:)

I also wanted to say how proud I was of all of the students! They did a great job this first quarter!! I have seen tremendous growth! Everyone should have received their child's report card via e-mail. If you did not or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me!!!


Here's what we learned:

Language Arts: Students will review the sight words: I , am , little the, to, a, have and is, can and be. We learned the new sight words: my, we and little. We discussed what non-fiction and informational text books are. We focused on the main idea of a story. We learned the new amazing words: calf, grasslands, cub, pup, joey and foal. Students used these words in their speech and writings. We read the big book Animal babies in the grasslands. We discussed the amazing words in the story. The students illustrated and wrote about a baby animal from the story and it's Mommy. Students also created a riddle book about their favorite animal. Students used adjectives to describe their favorite animal and wrote clues as to who their animal was. Then their classmates and peers had to guess the correct animal. The students also worked in differentiated reading groups. We focused on learning good reading strategies (using our pointy finger, using the pictures as clues, sounding out the words, etc..) Students read books with our sight words in them. Students used story maps and wrote and illustrated about their reading group books main idea of the story. Students also worked in literacy centers focusing on rhyming words, beginning sounds word building , and letter writing.

Letters of the week: Students learned about the letters Sand T and the sounds they make. Students helped in brainstorming a list of words that begin with these letters. Students completed a variety of phonemic activities using these letters. Students tried and write words that begin with these letters and challenged themselves to write these words in sentences.

Math: Students used their math skills and math language to learn about the concept of one more. Students learned how to represent numbers to 20 on a ten frame. Students also focused on number writing, representing and problem solving. Students worked in pairs to represent , write and show a number represented on a double ten frame number. Students worked in math centers on number writing, representation, and double ten frames.

Social Studies: We continued working on our"Giving without Walls" project. We learned to give back to the community. We worked with the Treats for Troops organization. We sorted candy for the Servicemen and women. We also learned about Veteran's and celebrated Veteran's day by making thank you notes and writing and illustrating how we are thankful for their service.

Pictures of the week:

Reminders for next week:

Our Thanksgiving Feast will be next Friday at 12:00!!! All are invited to attend! Don't forget to sign up to volunteer to bring in some yummy treats for the feast!

First grade will starting their Pajama drive on Monday!! The pajamas will be donated to the needy!

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!!