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Pancreatic Cancer

What is Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most deadly types; since it is very hard to detect in its early stages. It all starts in the tissue of the pancreas. There are two types of Pancreatic cancer. Adenocarcinoma is one type. This one is the most common type it begins in the ducts in the pancreas. Then it begins to spread out side of the pancreas. The second type is Neuroendocrine. This one forms from the endocrine cells in the pancreas; and is much slower.
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The Cure

There are many ways to cure this disease. Such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemo therapy, and other types of medicine; but even after treatment the patient will still be in very bad shape.
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This is our patient Bernardino Nero. He wants to ride a gondola in Italy. After our treatment it is now possible for him to go; but he needs to stay in a hotel, travel by plane, and it is best to eat Flap Jacks, yogurt, soft pudding, dried/fresh fruits, nuts, cheese, soup, cereal, and milky drinks.

Pros and cons

Pros are beautiful sights good food. Cons are he might fall off of the gondola and sea sickness.

difficulties with taking this trip

airplane sickness and when in the air you are too close to a hospital.
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He can check that off his bucket list now.


Thanks to National Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic, and American Cancer Society.

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not so fun fact

steve job died from pancreatic cancer.
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