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Miss Sutherland

Welcome to Holmes LMC!

Hello! I'm the new librarian at Holmes this year. I've been a teacher in the Livonia Public Schools since 1994, so I am very familiar with secondary libraries as a teacher. I'm excited to familiarize myself with the role of librarian in the school learning community as a resource for students and staff within the building.

As the Livonia learning community works on virtual and remote learning please remember that there are resources the library can help you access. Below there is information on creating a library card for local libraries as well as remote check-out through Holmes.

If you have questions for home school building librarian, you can contact them directly through those schools' web pages.

Please email me if you have any questions about the library or materials.

Miss Susan Sutherland


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Connectivity Information

If you need some clarification on the Internet and connectivity this article might be helpful. It also has some great links embedded in it as well.

Using Kami

If you need to work on a pdf, which this clip and it might help you complete your assignment!

Miss Sutherland

Kami to edit PDF's

Tech Questions and Answers from PC Magazine (Shopping and Trouble Shooting)

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Livonia Public Library Card

Click Here to submit a form to receive a Livonia Public Library card

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Middle Schools

Below are links to all of the middle schools.

Emerson Middle School

Below is a link to the Emerson library website.

Frost Library

Below is a link to the Frost library.

Holmes Library

Below is a link to the Holmes library.
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Livonia Libraries

Below are links to the public library system in Livonia.
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