Tudor Style Homes

By: Jordan Brown

Historic Tudor Style House

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This is a historic Tudor style house built in the 1890's in Seattle, Washington.

Modern Tudor Style Homes

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Both of these houses are modern Tudor style houses. They have many features that are the same as Historic Tudor style houses.

History of Tudor Style Houses

Tudor Style Becoming Popular

From 1890 to 1940, many American homes were built based on a combination of late Medieval and early Renaissance styles. Homes with these distinguishing characteristics were grouped under the title of "Tudor."

In the Washington, DC, area, Tudor homes (along with Colonial Revival) made up the largest portion of homes built during the 1920s and 1930s.

European-trained architects, that were influenced by Old World styles, brought the eclectic, asymmetrical Tudor style to America towards the end of the nineteenth century.

These houses were built for wealthy homeowners because Tudor houses were of solid masonry with elaborate decorative stone and brickwork, which made them more expensive and only wealthy people could afford them.They were sometimes called "Stockbroker Tudor" because their rich and successful owners frequently had made their wealth in the booming 1920s stock market.

Tudor falling out of Popularity

The Tudor style fell out of popularity around World War II when a resurgence of patriotism encouraged an appreciation for a more American style, which was, Colonial Revival. Tudor architecture was also expensive to build, not easily replicated because of its unique stone and brickwork, and prone to maintenance issues.

Characteristics of Tudor Style Homes

The major defining characteristics of Tudor style homes are:

  • steeply pitched gable roofs
  • playfully elaborate masonry chimneys (often with chimney pots)
  • embellished doorways
  • groupings of windows
  • decorative half-timbering
  • an exposed wood framework with the spaces between the timbers filled with masonry or stucco

Modern Houses are Tudor Style Justification

In the above pictures of modern homes, they are modern Tudor style homes because of their many similarities in design and characteristics to historic Tudor style homes. The modern houses both have steeply pitched roofs and the exposed wood frame work on the the front and sides of the house just like the historic Tudor house. They both also have grouped windows, elaborate masonry chimneys, and decorative half-timbering around the edges.

The Elements and Principles of Design in Tudor Style Homes

There are many elements of design present in Tudor style homes. One is groupings; windows in Tudor style homes tend to be grouped together which gives them a more open and light look which contrasts with the other normally darker features of the house. The groupings of the windows draws our eyes to them so we notice the intricate wood work around them. Also Tudor style homes have rhythm in the repeating pattern of lines present in the exposed wood framework. It creates a distinguished and professional look because it has a theme that is constant. Lastly, Tudor style homes have lines, horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines that take you through the shape of the entire house. Tudor houses have very straight and geometrical outlines on the roof, windows, edges and exposed framework of the house. These different lines take your eyes along all the parts of the house and make you look up and down and side to side so you notice all of the intricate details of the house.

Why I prefer Tudor Style

There are many reasons why I prefer Tudor style. The tall and steep pointed roofs really give Tudor style houses shape and length and it makes them look longer and taller. Also their decorated masonry chimneys are really pretty and add more length to the houses, which I prefer because I like tall houses. Another reason I like it is the exposed wood framework that is on all of the walls and front of the house. They just add nice lines and style and makes the houses look very geometric and straight. Tudor style is a very old style but its still looks nice and neat, and that is what I like.