From Rocks, To Phones

A Brief History of Communication

30,000 BCE

Cave Drawings, one of the oldest form of communication, starts around this time. People draw pictures on rocks and cave walls, that tell stories and history in order to preserve events and pass on knowledge to future generations.

9,000 BCE

Pictograms start to be used more frequently. These involve pictures that represent objects and ideas, rather than an actual illustration of the action or event. This is starting to get closer to the modern usage of language, which is communicating in ideas.

2,700 BCE

Writing, the combination of letters and words to replace pictures. Used to describe events, and leads to the creation of the alphabet, a way to directly translate spoken language to writing. This helps by being more precise, and enabling better and more efficient communication.

1450 CE

The printing press is created, a device which allows for words and writing to be recorded faster, and multiple copies to be made. This makes communication easier, and helps spur on wide spread knowledge to the public. This leads to later inventions, such as the type writer.

1876 CE

The Telephone, one of the biggest leaps forward in communication ever is invented. This device allows for people to communicate over extreme distances, effectively making the world a smaller place. This also increases the efficiency of communication on a global scale.


Today, things like email, Skype, and the internet are widely accessible to the world. This allows every form of communication to be fast and long distance, much like the telephone allowed this to happen to talking.

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