End of Year Wrap Up 2016

Staffing for Next Year

As you are all aware, due to numbers, Gladden needed to reduce sections by one in 3rd grade. The decision has been made to move Debbie to first grade and Lily to second grade. I know their new teams will welcome and embrace them as they transition to their new roles.

Check Out

  • All items must be completed and ready to go before attempting to check out for the summer. It is important you are completely ready when your check out time arrives. At your scheduled check out time, someone will come to your room to make sure all steps have been completed. Once someone signs off on your room, you can continue with the check out process in the office.

  • The sign-up for check out time will be made available in the office on May 12th.

  • If for some reason you are not ready for check out at your scheduled time, you will have to sign up for another available time on the sign-up sheet in the office.

  • Please note that May 19th is a full contract day. Staff will need to stay at GES until their regular contract time.

The 15 - 16 End of Year Check Out form is linked for your convenience.

Budget Memo

I want you all to know that it is very important to me to make sure that each of you have what you need to do amazing work with our students while being fiscally responsible. Rather than trying to predict everything you may need for the upcoming school year at once, I would like for teachers to get into the habit of ordering what is most essential and communicating any needs that may arise throughout the school year at that time. As long as the request is made before 3rd quarter begins, we can always create another PO for you. The Budget Memorandum that discusses the specifics for 2016-17 ordering is linked.

Focus Room and Field Trip

Monday, May 9th, the Focus Room will be closed. Tosha will be attending a field trip to provide necessary additional supervision. This is not standard practice, however, in this instance it is warranted. Both Mrs. Webel and myself will be in the building on this day to provide support for struggling students in Tosha's absence.

Pink and Blues/STAR Scores

Ms. Vickie is working on tracking down the pink and blues from last year. For now, fill the pink and blues out to the best of your knowledge. We can always go back and input STAR scores if your students have not yet completed testing.

Pink and Blue sorting will be done during PLC May 9th - 13th.

End of Year Personal Days

Spring Fever is here and as we are all aware this is a hard time to fill sub jobs in classrooms. For the remainder of the year, we are unable to approve personal days for Fridays. Personal leave must be submitted a minimum of 48 hours in advance and will be approved upon a substitute picking up the job. Please see Amanda with any questions or concerns.

PTA Memberships

PTA memberships for next year are available. I'd strongly encourage staff to become members. PTA provides a significant amount of support to the students and staff through their hospitality efforts, adopt a family, and parent engagement events. I would love to be able to tell parents that we have 100% participation. Becoming a member really illustrates the cooperative partnership between the PTA as an organization and our school family.

Lunch on the Last Day

Lunch will be catered in on the last day of school (it would be a fire hazard for me to grill for you guys!). The menu is hamburger, hot dog, potato salad, baked beans, and cheesecake. Drinks will also be provided.

DRA Assessment Clarification

The Developmental Reading Assessment is not a district mandated assessment (with the exception of being utilized in the first grade curriculum). This tool is utilized to inform teacher instruction and progress monitor. For this reason, it is not a required end of year assessment. STAR is the only required assessment aside from assessments embed in the curriculum.

Celebrations/Well Wishes

Thank you to Amber, Michelle, Katie and the third and fourth grade teams for an amazing two weeks of MAP Testing!

Thank you to primary, specials, SpEd, and non-certified staff for your flexibility and support of the testing grade levels during this time!

Please continue to send Beckie and John Neitch your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers! John is still in the hospital, but has made some improvements.