The People Need Gender Equality

Amendment XXVIII

Why Should Gender Equality Be Made into An Amendment?

Gender Equality has always been a large part history. For though times men have always been thought to be superior to women, when it comes to working and creating a business of their own. A woman and a man needs to be seen as both the same type of person for they can, both apply to the same jobs and have an equal chance of being eligible for the desired job. Whether they have applied to work as a mechanic or to be a CEO of a big company, they need an equal chance to get the opportunity in the line of work that is chosen.

Who Would This Effect And Who Would This Benefit?

Not only would this amendment effect men but the majority of people effected would be persevering women. Women need more chances to show that they can not only do the same thing as most, stereotypical working male but to show that they are capable of doing more and achieving more then men. Women need the chance to show that they are just as capable to do the same as men and be able to get the same work opportunities as men. Men will also benefit from this amendment because they are also capable of doing the same things that a woman can do. Men can show that they are not just meant to work in an office or some sort of work environment but can also work in a kitchen and be a "soccer dad" while at the same time a Woman can show that not only are the "needed" in a kitchen but they are also needed in a work environment but not as a secretary but as a woman in the office making the calls in a business meeting rather than taking coffee orders.

Pros and Cons.


  • women would be able to show their full ability when it comes to a working environment
  • men would be able to show that they are also able to do the same thing women do
  • equality would bring peace to many places that struggle with the different opinions of who can do what in an office


  • people will still have a negative outlook on how a woman should be seen in the working environment
  • men will be seen as almost weak or non manly if they were to be taken out of context when doing what a "woman" should be doing
  • people will have different opinions on why the amendment should be or should not be passed

The Cost To Enforce This Amendment.

There would be no cost for this amendment to be enforced due to the fact that men and woman would benefit extremely, due to the fact that they are all getting an equal chance to show that both men and woman can all do the same things. This amendment also benefits the people due to the fact that a man will not be judges for doing something a "stereotypical" woman would do and the same thing goes towards the woman who want to be a CEO of a bug business.
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