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Fast and professional loans, Philippines workers in Taiwan

Loans before, please take a look at the think about this:

In Taiwan, including myself

Taiwan's bank loans
Amount of smaller, less periods, higher interest rates
Interest rate 5%~19.9% is a normal

and NT5,000 fees or 10% must be paid a one-time fee

Examples in Kaohsiung loan store

In Kaohsiung, there are a lot of people to borrow money, interest rates between 5%-10%,
If the loan amount is NT50,000:

In-store: 1 month between interest NT2,500 ~ the NT5,000
Our company: about a month NT7,000 (principal plus interest)

someone tell me:NT7,000 is hight
but after 10 months or one year of
In-store: Principal NT50,000 and principal and interest has been paid NT25,000-NT50,000

Our Company: NT0 principal, the loan has end

We don't need your mortgage ARC or Taiwan ATM card

Loans in Kaohsiung store:
Must use Taiwan ATM card as collateral
Sometimes must have friends to help you do for security
If you are unable to pay
Your friend must help you pay

You dragged your friend in Taiwan.

Our company:All data is photocopy,we don't get your Taiwan ATM card and don't need guarantor!!!!

Whether you work in a factory or at home, you don"t need a guarantor.

VIBER or LINE on passing data

Clear Photocopies of

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All information materials as long as the photos

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Please add my viber, if you have any question.

Complete your data online

Apply for a loan, it's easy

At the convenience store, you can complete the payment

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Let your family and your children have a rich life

Loan is successful, will get a small gift!! Each month has a different gift For example: smart phone headset ... Foldable storage bag ... Handkerchief and so on

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You can also work together with us to make money

Please note

The money for the loan is only in Philippines.

You can ask your family or friends to help you.

Send money to Taiwan.