Mr Mason Believes...........

in the Apostles and Nicene Creed

Who is Mr Mason?

Mr Mason is the assistant principal of Jubilee Primary School. He is 55 years old he is a catholic. He has a family with 4 children and 2 grandchildren

The Language of the creeds

Mr Mason said that the apostles and Nicene creed are both belief statements. One of the creeds have I believe and one of the creeds is we believe. The words are powerful because it is about Jesus dying for us and for our sake. The creed is important because it is about common language of a group it is about a motto mission, team song and simple common language.

Timeless words to live by

The creeds are timeless. Things can change but your beliefs never change. If you are having challenging times you can refer to based to your choice. It summarises him as a christian. It conducts him according to beliefs faith. It grounds him.

Your apart of something

They were written to provide common bases and bond simple. Everyone is a part of something bigger yourself. It is your direction and purpose of using the creeds.

Why I believe in the creed

I believe in the creed because if I am struggling I can go back to the creed and read it. It motivates me when I am in a tough time. Now I understand why Jesus died for us because he died for us for our sake so that we could live today and until we die.