Let's get together!

Coffee, catch-up, and my new at-home business! Come over!

ABC-Arbonne, Baby, and Catch-up


I loved seeing you yesterday....and would love to have some more time. I want to share my at-home business with you (which I'm super pumped about) and hear what you're up to too. I tried to do this before the holidays but we were all swamped. So I'm trying again with short notice in hopes that some of you will be free.

I'll have breakfast bites, coffee, tea...and Miss Reny, ready to be held by any/everyone. :) Hope to see you!




Saturday, Feb. 22nd, 9:30am to Sunday, Feb. 23rd, 9:30am

290 Toler Ave

San Leandro, CA

I know some are traveling. Some are already booked. So I'm going to open our front door at 9:30 both Saturday and Sunday. Come when you can...either day...we'll wrap it up by 11ish so you can have your day.

Please just text or email me so I know how many to expect each day. Thanks!