By Paris TeBrink


GarageBand is an app that lets you record yourself saying something. You can add instrumental sounds during, before, or after your recording. It also allows you to make your music.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is an app where you can take different photos and scatter them in any way. It allows you to add text and turn it any way you want. You can also put stickers and different designs on it to make it more creative. Another thing you can do is have a background color behind all your photos.


On fotobabble you take a picture of yourself or something. Then you speak into it... It is on the computer and on the iPads.


Chirp is mostly used when you want to send a picture of something you made on a app on the iPad to another iPad. On chirp you can only send pictures you cannot send videos. It only works if the person your sending it to has a chirp.


How To: iMovie Basics

Book Writer

On book writer you can write any type of story. You can use as many pages as you want and you can change the font and even put a picture or a color in the background. Book Writer is a great place to type different information.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an easy way to create cool presentations! It works good for telling stories or presenting different things. On Haiku Deck you can pick your background and then type in it but it only allows you to have so many characters in the text box.


iMovie lets you put different clips/small videos together to make one big video----a iMovie. In a iMovie you can also put pictures and play different sounds in the background. You can pick from a lot of different themes to do your iMovie on. Ex. Scary, then it will give you a example of a scary movie.