Marcus Matters

January 11, 2016


Benefits of a teacher creating an ePortfolio:

  • better understand the components of an ePortfolio: Artifacts and Reflections

  • become familiar with capturing, storing, and organizing Artifact and Reflections to placed in the ePortfolio in order to better assist students

  • become familiar with the process of uploading Artifacts and Reflections to the ePortfolio in order to better assist students

  • use the ePortfolio to capture your Reflections on your lesson design, student engagement, and student learning outcomes

  • LISD supports the benefits of ePortfolios

  • prepare for the probability that a teacher ePortfolio will be a part of the new teacher appraisal system

Don't forget our three goals this Year! What have you done to achieve these goals?

1. Learning Standards: Are we basing all our lessons on these standards?

2. Cultural Proficiency: What are our cultural traits? Do we recognize others and what the need to be successful?

3. Formative Assessments: Are we using various formats to guarantee understanding?

Superpowers: Discovered and in use in our classrooms!

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Positive uses of negative words! Failure may be an option!

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