Don't let good friends go.

Bronson Grace 1-2 period

Analysis of the Devolpment of theme

In Freak the Mighty the conflict is a very big part. For example of the conflict in FTM is killer kane. They were all worried about Killer kane coming after he got out of jail. They were right because as soon as he got out he stoll max and told him that Grim and Gram told him all wrong. That he killed max's mom he said that the police blamed it on him when it was actual him. Another could look like Max was huge and Freak was a midget but it actual worked really good. I think that the Author made the book good because if Freak wasn't so couragous then he wouldn't dare to go outside with Max. If Max wouldn't dare to have Freak on his shoulders then it would be much differnt.

Reflectoin and Application of Theme

The Theme for Freak the mighty could be If you have good friends then don't let them go. This is good because even if your friend might move away or pass away you shouldn't let them just be forgotten. At first When freak moves next to Max he see's freak trying to get a little toy out of a tree so max goes and helps him and they start to become friends. This is where the author begins to start the theme. They start to hang around each other more and more and soon they are really good friends. Max is even carrying freak on his shoulders. This is when they are just good old normal friends. Then Max's dad gets out of jail and steals him from his own house. He is with his dad for days and then when his dad is starting to choke him to death Freak comes in and sprays killer kane in the eyes with vinger and chille powder. Max grabs freak and runs off. They become really really good friends then and they are awesome to each other. On freaks birthday he is eating and he starts to choke and has a seizere and they take him to the hospital. He says that he is going to get a bionic body. A couple days later early in the morning. Max goes to the hospital and freak had died. His heart had got to big for his body. This is where to theme happens because he can't let freak go. This theme realates to me because I have two friends in my neiborhood that I have had since kindergarden.


In this story many things happen and this is how it begins, Max lived in a place under a house he called down under which Grim and Gram made for him as a room. One day this midget kid named Kevin moves in next to max and the next day he sees him in his backyard trying to get this thing out of a tree. Max goes over and helps but they don't talk to each other they only just play. Kevin's mom invites max over and he goes and max and freak (Kevin) become friends and they start to go on these imaginary quests and adventures together. Max's dad is in jail for killing his mom and now he heard that his dad is being released. The next night his dad comes at night and takes max. After a couple of days The police start to come and freak comes and goes in the house where he finds max being strangled by his dad freak squirts stuff at him and they escape for killer Kane. Life is good until freak has a seizure and he went to the hospital. A couple of days later max goes in the morning and he finds out freak has died.