Room 204 News #8

January 20 - No school Monday for Martin Luther King Holiday

MLK poem

The class sounded great reading their poem at the MLK assembly last Wednesday! Click on the track below to hear the performance!

Alison Medeiros 2

Mlk-short by Alison Medeiros 2


On Tuesday we are starting a two week cycle of words study. During the first week we learn about a particular type of spelling pattern, rule or type of word. This week we are examining words that begin with a consonant cluster (snow, flip). In a consonant cluster you can still hear the sound of each letter as it is blended together. Students will practice reading and building words with consonant clusters during reading centers.

Next Monday (January 27) starts the part of the cycle where each student has a list of words, and we will resume pre-tests on Monday and final test on Friday. The list will include words with consonant clusters, plus some commonly used words that don't fit a pattern. During that week students will build and write their own spelling words during centers.

Number Scrolls

What is the biggest 3 digit number you know? This is how we started our discussion about creating number scrolls. Many students said 100, some said 900, a few mentioned the mysterious number "ten hundred." Each student will be working throughout the remainder of the year to write numbers - possibly up to 1,000 or higher! This is a great activity for developing number sense and place value. The pages for the scroll will be kept rolled up inside an empty paper towel roll. Eventually the pages will be attached to the roll to create a long scroll of numbers.

Please send in empty paper towel rolls.

Outdoor Recess

Please remind your student to bring gloves/mittens, boots and snowpants. Students go outside for recess unless it is zero degrees, or the wind chill makes it feel like zero degrees. A doctor's note is required to stay indoors during recess. Place names in items if possible. We have gym everyday except Tuesday, and students may leave gym shoes at school if you prefer.

Library Day is Thursday

Just a reminder, return library books by Thursday so your child can check out a new book.

Science Observations

We are learning that water goes into the air, and water comes out of the air. Water can be liquid, solid or vapor. Ask, what shape is a snowflake when viewed up close? (hexagon, six sided or six pointed) What are clouds made of? How did we make a cloud in the classroom? (steam above a glass of hot water)

Helping Your Child Learn To Read” at Bryant: Ms. Abbie Miller and Ms. Beth Harrington will be presenting a parent workshop on Thursday, January 23 at 6:00p.m. entitled, “Helping Your Child Learn To Read.” Families will learn decoding strategies, ways to increase sight word recognition, and comprehension strategies. If you are interested in attending please see Mrs. Harrington-Reading Room-201 OR Mrs. Miller- Room-201A OR OR

Safe, Respectful and Responsible in the Classroom

On Friday we had a "practice" day to remind students about the expectations for classroom behavior and the consequences when rules are not followed. The biggest challenges in our classroom are raising hands to speak during teacher instruction, listening to directions the first time given, and staying on track during center time.

On Friday, students were given only one reminder about a behavior and then were asked to move their clip on the PBIS chart if the behavior continued. Clips start on green "ready to learn." Next they are moved to yellow "think about it." If the student needs further correction s/he moves the clip to orange, "consequence," and fills out a Think About It sheet. This is signed by student, teacher and is sent home for a parent signature. The final step on the chart is a referral to the office to speak with Mrs. Heyward.

Many clips ended up working their way down the chart on Friday - but because it was a practice day, no consequences were given. However, this week we will be back to following the procedure and you may see a few more Think About It sheets coming home as we adjust to fewer verbal reminders.

It is my goal to be fair and consistent when working with your children. They are a wonderful group and very friendly, therefore often talkative. We are just working on saving the talking for appropriate times of the day!

Dates to Remember:

  • 1/20 no school, MLK day
  • 1/28 no school, teacher inservice
  • 2/7 Family Fun night at Pattengill
  • 2/10 NAAPID/parent involvement day