Mr. Claughton's PDAS

February 15, 2016

Share Outs and Shout Outs!

Anyone have any exciting news to share with the group?!

Long Periods- How are they being used?

Making a Difference Mondays

ESL Tuesdays

WICOR Wednesdays

Technology Thursdays

Formative Fridays

How did goal setting go in your classes? Have you revisited? Do you remind your students of the goals they have made?

How do you use your long periods? (share with group)

Attendance reporting and tardiness

  • Please be sure to track students attendance.
  • Write up students if you suspect them of truancy/skipping your class. Remember that APs need documentation to support truancy court referrals and PMB in AHS.
  • Tardies- If you have students who suffer from severe tardiness, do not hesitate to write a referral.
  • If a student has missed your class 5x or more, you need to alert their AP.
  • Attendance needs to be a TOP priority! Please make it one of yours.

Your Thoughts on Current District Policy?

Please take a moment to enter your input on this live google doc.


  • Read the bulletin daily!!!
  • Observations
  • Digital Citizenship needs to be completed by EVERYONE. Due April 1st.
  • Report of Abuse & Neglect Policy- notify AP/Principal if you make a report.
  • Do not grab, hold, or restrain students unless it is to protect someone from greater harm.
  • NO parking in illegal spaces.
  • Suicide prevention training coming soon... (look for it in bulletin)
  • TELPAS Calibration Training on Feb. 15-16 (English teachers ONLY).

Let's not forget our "WHY"!

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching

Thanks for all you do and let's finish the year strong! Rider Pride Is Alive!!!