Grand Teton National Park

By: Alyssa Jones

Grand Teton is one of the most beautiful and amazing national parks in the United States. Grand Teton is the best place to visit with its beautiful scenery. Grand Teton is a great park that people enjoy to go to.

Nature and History

Grand Teton national park has a lot of nature and history. The park was founded by Jackson Hole in 1872 and has been a national park since. Grand Teton, located in Wyoming, is in the northwest part of the United States. Grand Teton is a national park known mostly for its scenery. The Grand Teton scenery has many mountains, lakes, valleys, and trails. Overall Grand Teton is a great park to visit.

Events to do at the Park

A big park has a lot of things to do. Grand Teton has five developed campground to camp at. There is also a lake where people can swim. The lake is crystal clear as a diamond. At the lake people can do many things like going fishing and boating. Another thing visitors like to do is climb the mountains and hike on the trails. There are many mountain and trails to climb. You can go see attractions too. You can see alpine terrain and wild life. There are many things to do at Grand Teton and they are all active.

Number Facts

Grand Teton national park is beautiful but there are some numbers involved. It cost $30 for private people and $15 for not private people and you have to pay if you are ages 16 and over. When you are private, you can do some things non-private people can do. Something like going to special places. More than five million people come to the park each year. Overall, that is a lot of people. Grand Teton is a titanic park. The park is 484 mi2. Grand Teton is a titanic park and a beautiful park.

Fun Facts

Grand Teton has a lot of fun facts that most people don’t know. One fun fact is that there is a lot of wild life in the park. Such as yellow bellied marmot, bison, bald eagles, elk, wolves, coyotes, moose, bears, and many others. All of the animals like the climate in the park. Animals like to roam in the park, so people can sometimes see them. The climate at the park is 80o in the summer, 60o in the spring, 54o in the fall, and 28o in the winter. Grand Teton has a lot of cool facts.

Overall Grand Teton national park is an enjoyable park everyone will love. Grand Teton has amazing scenery everyone will want to see. They park is a great place to visit for everyone.

A Hike up the Mountain

At the Grand Teton long ago, a moose and a wolf traveled up a mountain. As they hiked up the mountain they first had to find food. They worked together to pick berries off a big tree. The moose made a fire and they sat around the fire and ate the berries. After they ate they went to sleep because they had to walk up the rest of the mountain the next day. The next day they woke up and started to walk up the rest of the mountain. As they were walking up the moose's antler's got stuck in tree branches. The wolf tried to get them unstuck but he couldn’t. Then a squirrel came out of the tree and helped the wolf got the moose unstuck. After the moose was unstuck they kept walking. It was getting dark and they were almost there but they were very tired. The wolf spotted a cave not far away. They were walking to the cave and the wolf falls into a hole. The moose uses his antlers to get the wolf out. The wolf made the fire and they sat around it. The moose said " thank you for helping me get my antlers unstuck." "No problem thank you for getting me out of that hole" said the wolf. Then they went to sleep. The next day they awoke and kept walking up the mountain, they were very thirsty and hungry. They haven't ate or drank since they left to climb the mountain. Then they both spotted it. The top of the mountain. They ran for it and looked out. It was the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. While they were up there they worked together to build a shack to live in. After working together and not giving up to climb the mountain, together they made it up.