Analog vs. Digital

The pros and cons of analog and digital technology

Analog Technology

Analog technology might be better because it is more exact with signals than digital technology. Also the recording is straight from the microphone so there is no going over it with music or anything else. Another reason is that you get better quality sound from the way the needle or anything else moves against the grooves.

Differences between Analog and Digital

Analog signals have more exact signals but, is more difficult to work with like trying to put the handle in the right place to get sound. Also an analog signal is taken straight from the microphone or is recorded. Lastly analog devices read the media, such as tapes or records by scanning the physical data off of it.

Examples of Analog

Three examples of analog technology are cassette tapes, records, and hand clocks. They are analog because they read physical information on the item not in the item.

Analog vs. Digital waves

Analog and digital are two very different ways of hearing sound and both are still used today

Digital Technology

Digital technology might be better because it is easier to produce. Also it is cheaper to produce a cd then it is to produce a vinyl record for a record player. And lastly other noises won't interference with the recording like a tape recorder or cassette would do.

Examples of Digital

Three examples of digital technology are computers, cell phones, and cds. These are digital because they use 0's and 1's to make sound. In digital they don't read the physical part they read the code inside the disc.