About me Project

For class

10 sentences describing me

Zizi has a great sense of humor and is so nice! - Brianna Marinelli, 14, friend

Zizi you are very funny and always very nice, you are kind, your personality is just amazing. -Kyrsten Bostick, 14, friend

Zizi, your chill and you can make a guy laugh. - Joshuel M. 14, friend

Zizi, your hard working and really funny, you make my day better all the time and your caring. - Nadya Jacobs, 14, friend

Zizi your a really nice person and friend, thank you for helping me in the 3 years I've known you. - Tyler Smolinsky, 14, friend

Zizi you are crazy and I love that about you. - Janae A., 14, friend

Zizi you have a great personality and you always know how to put a smile on everyone's face. - Ciera Ravelo, 14, friend

Zizi you always make sure I'm okay and is always there for me. We always have a great time together and your crazy and funny. - Montana Deem, 14, best friend

Zizi you are a very outgoing and real person! Love ya beautiful. -Morgan M., 14, friend

Zizi your a weirdo but I love that about you. Keep up with basketball. - Anna m., 15, friend

3 favorite belongings

My little sis necklace because my oldest sister gave it to me for my birthday and it makes me feel like she's right there next to me even if she's many miles away.

My Jordan's & Nikes those are my baby's and I love them so much.

My teddy bear that I got a while back when I was four years old in the hospital.

2 favorite people in your life

My daddy because when my mom left he bust his butt just to support us kids. He wants the best for us and cheers us on. I love him so much. He really is the best dad ever.

My sister Zoë, I look up to her. She's number one in my mind. She proved to me that even during the hard times, when you try your best you can still succeed. She pushes me to my goals and tells me she wants me to walk across that stage. I couldn't thank her enough.

My following favorites

My favorite actor is Johnny Depp, actress Audrey Hepburn, song Sunday Candy, band~ green day, athlete Derrick Rose, book~ go ask Alice, food~ fried zucchini, class~ gym, teacher~ mrs. Smith, friend~ tanna, show~ Orange is The New Black, car~ f-250, movi Even~ The Breakfast Club, Summer activity~ the beach, Weekend activity~ the football games

Graduation letter

Dear Zizi, you did it! You made it!! How's it feel to know your finally a high school graduate? Off to college soon, time to get your head in the game. No games, no boys, no nothing. Just books and books. How'd it feel to walk across that stage?? Great, right? Well congratulations on graduating, you deserve it. #class of 2019

Positive motto for this year.

"All I can tell them is pick a good one and sock it. I get back to the dugout and they ask me what it was I hit and I tell them I don't know except it looked good."

5 Favorite songs

  1. Sunday Candy- Chance the Rapper
  2. You cant hurry love- The Supremes
  3. Same love- Macklemore
  4. Love em all- k. michelle
  5. tied up- Dej Loaf

5 goals

  1. To get straight A's
  2. To get my dream house with my bestfriend
  3. To go to Duke university
  4. To become a forensic scientist
  5. To find my true love.

favorite food menu

breakfast- A Frittata

lunch- Quiche

dinner- Caesar salad

snack- yogurt

one inspirational quote

one inspirational quote means that the quote inspires you to do things you never thought of.