Crime Scene Investigator

By: Allison Mathews

Job Description:

Find DNA and other important evidence (fingerprints/fibers) on a crime scene. They perform ballistics tests and review photos from crime scenes in effort to find other evidence not earlier found. Put together files of evidence to be used in court and must also appear and sometimes testify at hearings or trials.

Education and Training:

Generally a Bachelor's degree is required, usually in fields such as forensic science. Training and work experience are usually required along with continued on the job training.


Annual Salary- $55,000-$95,000

Median Pay- $51,570


  • Job outlook is growing for this job.
  • Get to be in the know about things other people don't.


  • Because of shows like NCIS, CSI Miami, Law and Order, and many others, the job is highly wanted and therefore not many positions in this field stay available for long.
  • The hours are generally long and stressful.

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