Vance County North Carolina

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About The County

Vance County is located in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina. The county was Founded in 1881 and was named after Zebulon Braid Vance, a Governor of North Carolina (1862–1865, 1877–1879) and United States senator (1879–1894).


The Vance County Board of Commissioners has seven members in it. The Interim County Manager is Robert Murphy. The County seat is Henderson and the Town Manager of Henderson is Edward A. Wyatt. There are eight members on the City council Of Henderson and the Mayor is James D. “Pete” O’Geary.


Kerr Lake and Kerr Lake State Recreation Area are partially located in Vance County. the county is surrounded by Mecklenburg County, Virginia to the North, Warren County to the East, Franklin County to the South, and Granville County to the West.


Kerr lake and the Kerr Lake State Recreation Area are tourist attractions of Vance county. The county seat Henderson is a Town rich with History, where a town was built up around the rail road in 1811.