Dr. Steddum M.D.

Reporting for duty

Wouldnt want to be anybody but ME!!!!

I am a "orange" presonality type. It means I'm crazy. Not really. It means I'm creative, I color outside the lines, and I rather ride a unicorn over a rainbow then play chess with anybody. I'll scream during a game that I hate because that's just what I do. I'm that person in the work place that would be making the more creative signs, inventing a better way to do something, and the one that happens to get distracted yet does something better in that distacted time then if I had been concentrating. It also means that I'm witty, generous, spontaneous, and a multi-tasker. I am also a gold peronality meaning I take control and become the leader of the group. It means I'm dependable, committed, responsible, and organised. I'm next a gold personality meaning I am detailed, committed, and prepared.

My Perscription to start getting on the right path

One of the first things I had to do was see what my intrests, skills, and work vaules were. It's funny that I want to be a doctor when my intrests show I would rather do anything with my hands before ever thinking about doing something with people, yet I am really good with helping people. These things will help me find the best jobs for me.

Interests Results

1. Design/Pre-construction

2. Manifacturing Production ProcessDeveloptment

3. Support Services

4. Transportation Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management, and Regulation

5. Biotechnology Research and Develompment

Skill Results

1. Health Informatics

2. Professional Support Services

3. Agribusiness Systems

4. Emergency and Fire Managment Services

5. Therapetic Services

Work Vaules

1. Prestige

2. Innovation

3. Accomplishment

4. Income

5. Workplace

Fresh Meat

This is the year I will be at the bottom of the totem pole again, but this does not mean that i cannot do great things. I will do things such as to prepare for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, parpticipate in many extracurricular activities, and take advanced classes.

Double digits

Next year and it will be time to rise and shine. It will be one hard year but thats because I'm one year older. I will be taking zero hours and hopefuly start the debat team. I will be participating in the PSAT, consulting college sites to see that the classes I plan to take meet the requirments to be excepted into colleges, and maintain good grades.

Junior ( but I've had two years of high school! )

I'm excpecting this year to be the hardest. I know the school, I know what i need to complete but i want to complete everything by this year so that my last year I can focus more on college things. I will need to check on credits, finish PSAT, SAT, and ACT. I also need to make a list of colleges I want to attened and if I have met the requirments for those colleges.

Last Year!!!!!

This year I just need to make sure I have completed everything for high school graduation. I need to take the advance placement test, make my final three choices for colleges, begin filling out appliction forms, file my FASFA, and finalize plans for housing, finatial aids, and shcolarships.

High Scool Graduation

Saturday, May 27th 2017 at 10am

1270 Leroy Pond Drive

Fayetteville, AR

My home for the next, lets see, eight years.

During these years I will be working on earining my Medical degree. I will take many advance science and math classes. I will also particitpte in Arkansas's orchestra program. Hopefully after eight years I will graduate and be able to become a doctor
BMA: Becoming a Doctor (part 1)

I am like many of these peolpe in, in the video, how they came to want to study medicine/ become a doctor. This video has also helped me understand what it will be like when I start medical school.