Land and Waters of Africa

:) Landscapes of Africa (:

Lake Victoria

The Lake Victoria is an interesting lake, It is the largest lake in Africa. The lake is the chief of all the Nile River's reservoirs. Although on a plateau, It is one of the most densely populated places in Africa. All the water fills up the giant plateau. This lake is a pretty cool lake, i would totally live there. And even better, it is all freshwater so there are a lot of fish swimming around.

Niger River

The fascinating Niger River is a whopping 2,600 miles long. It stretches from Guinea to the Mali Republic then flows South. The Niger River empties out into a delta. The Niger River is a major source of fish. It also rises on Fouta Djallon Plateau.


Madagascar (not the movie) is located in the Indian ocean. It is separated from the African Coast by the Mozambique Channel. Madagascar is one of the islands in the Malagasy Republic. Madagascar is the 4th largest island. Madagascar is made of highland plateau.

The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the whole world. It extends from Asia all the way to Antarctica. The depth of the Indian ocean is 11,000 feet. The large crack extends in most of the oceans length.